Halloween is coming!  I have a proposal for you!  Why not have a Vincent Price Curry Party?  First, could I encourage you to spend a few minutes listening to the dulcet tones of Vincent describing his Lifesaver Curry?  This is a video that Peter Fuller of the Vincent Price Legacy UK and I made together, it was so much fun!

The sound on this video is taken from Vincent’s fabulous International Cookery Course LP record.

When I got an email from Oliver in Germany asking me if I could send over the recipes for a special Vincent Price themed party, it took me a while to get around to it. I’m ashamed to say, that it has taken me A YEAR to post some of the brilliant photographs he sent me of his event. Where does all the time go? I just do not know!

Vincent gives lots of advice on the record about how to create the perfect atmosphere for a Delights of the Far East party and I can see that Oliver really took the bull by the horns and went for it.

Vincent Price Masala!!!

I soooooooo wish I had been at this party. Doesn’t it look fabulous?!

If you are thinking about a special Vincent Price themed Halloween party here are the recipes. Send me pix!

Thank you, Oliver, for sharing your party with us, it looks truly fabulous.

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