Have you ever made a cucumber crocodile?  If not, now is the time!  To celebrate the launch of Supper with the Stars we are having a party!  Visit Peter’s website for details – everyone welcome!  I really hope to see some of you there, it’s going to be such a blast.

Also, I am running a competition.  All you have to do is make a cucumber crocodile and send me a photo.  This will be fun for adults and kids alike and pics of your crocs will be judged by Victoria Price, Vincent’s daughter.

Vincent demonstrated how to make a cucumber crocodile on his Cooking Price-Wise TV show and it’s in the accompanying book too.

I have made many, many, many crocodile cucumbers because they are MAD and GOOD.  Guaranteed to raise a smile on any dinner table.  Here’s my favourite one, made many moons ago for a Halloween party (hence the large spider on my head)

and here’s a little video of three that Mr Rathbone made for a wonderful event at Bart’s Pathology Museum with Victoria and my Supper with the Stars co-writer Peter Fuller. Why is he doing a Scottish accent?  I have no idea!

First prize in my competition will be this Vincent Price finger puppet I commissioned from the lovely Ding Dong Designs – absolutely UNIQUE!

 The runner-up’s  prize will be a Wailing Dip Finger Candle – perfect for your next spooky dinner party.

For the under 16s there’s a cucumber pen to be won.

Open to absolutely everyone, wherever you are in the world and however old you are.

Rules of the game – make your crocodile, take a photograph and send it to me!  I’m disguising my email address in an attempt to thwart spammers – jenny @ silver screen suppers . com – just close up the gaps.  Or copy me in to a photo on Instagram, I am Silver Screen Suppers there.

Closing date for entries is 1st November 2021 – date has been extended so that folks can make these for their Halloween shindigs!

Don’t think you need to be having an Abigail’s Party style dinner party in order to make a cucumber crocodile by the way.

During the first lockdown here in London one of our test cooks Lyndsay Phillips made my day by sending a photo of a croc that she had made just for herself while quarantining!  She used mini fresh mozzarella balls, radish slices, and blueberries.  In these strange days I say, make a crocodile just for your ownself!

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