My September feature for Eat Drink Films is up, and it is all about guacamole this month. I have tested more movie star guacamole than you could shake a chili at over the last few weeks.  I am carrying around a guacamole baby alongside the noodle baby at the moment.  Fatty.

Here’s a link to my article and here are some some pix of the guacamoles to whet your appetite…  Recipes all in the article.

Eddie Albert's Guacamole

Eddie Albert’s Guacamole

Ramon Navarro's Guacamole

Ramon Navarro’s Guacamole (with grapes)

Ramon Navarro's Guacamole

Ramon Navarro’s Guacamole (with pomegranates)

Vincent Price's Guacamole

Vincent Price’s Guacamole

Which was my favourite?  Ramon’s with the grapes.  It just works.  And I like it on toast…

Ramon Navarro's Guacamole

Ramon Navarro’s Guacamole

Is that weird?  I do like strange things on toast.  On one of my recent procrastination tours of the internet I found that I was by no means alone in liking peanut butter and gherkins on toast – yum yum.  I love Joy The Baker’s site.   Her food photos make me drool.

Next month on Eat Drink Films?  Film star chili recipes.  So goodbye guacamole baby, welcome chili baby.  If only Ramon had shared a chili recipe.  I could create a whole Ramon menu.  I see from the spreadsheet that I have a Ramon Navarro Mexican Rice recipe around the place somewhere…

Ramon Navarro's Guacamole


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