I always feel weird serving guests things from my freezer, it feels like cheating.  But I’m so flat out with Joan Crawford at the moment, it’s a Godsend to find so many weird and wonderful things in the frozen archives when I am pressed for time.  Thus a very odd Saturday dinner was had last night.  A good chunk of Vincent Price’s New Year Vol au Vent which I can see from the blog has been in there since New Year’s Day 2012 (!)

Vincent Price vol-au-vent-300x200

alongside some Vincent Price’s  Coq au Vin Rouge a L’Averngate circa July 2012.  Both were fine and Mr R said that he “didn’t find them strange bedfellows” to eat together.  I served them up with some broccoli and green beans, also from the depths of the freezer. I felt like Miss Frugality 2014.  Good to know that both of Vincent’s dishes feeze really well, but I probably wouldn’t leave them for over 2 and a half years next time…


Mr R has strange ways when it comes to vegetables.  He looked askance at the beans and we had the following conversation:

Mr R: I only really eat fine beans.

Me: What are these then?

Mr R: These are coarse beans.

What a nutjob he is!

Lovely to get messages from two of my newsletter subscribers first thing this morning about Deborah Kerr’s Coconut Scones which are recipe of the month this month.  Sam Dwyer in Ireland said that she used to make biscuits like these in her cookery class at school.  She said that if she’d known they’d been inspired by Deborah Kerr she may have been more enthusiastic!

Linda Glaister in British Columbia decided to rustle some up for her in-laws yesterday as they are “hard core coconut fiends” – I’m probably becoming one of these myself…  She sent this brilliant picture, don’t they look magnificent?!  Linda iced them with lemon icing – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  She said they turned out great and will definitely make them again.  Result!


Ooh, if only British Columbia wasn’t on the other side of the planet from me, I’d be round like a rissole to Linda’s house to pinch one of these….  I absolutely LOVE getting emails from blog readers so please do send photos or just email to say hello.

Ah, it’s been a lovely relaxing Sunday, apart from having to remove the U-bend of my bathroom sink after flushing both contact lenses down the sink last night when I was in smashed on beer.  I managed to retrieve one, but the other managed to escape. £40 down the Suwwannee.  Sigh.

Now I go to the kitchen to cook SQUAB a la Joan Crawford.  My work colleagues did laugh on Wednesday when they heard me on the phone saying, “could I order three pigeons please?”  Wish me luck Vincent, I’ve never cooked a pigeon before…

Vincent Price Vol Au Vent

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