Getting ready to party?  I am!  Here’s a glimpse of what is going on here…


What are you having for your din dins tonght?  May I propose something Vincent Price related?  If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that Vincent is my favourite of all movie stars when it comes to kitchen prowess. 


There’s nobody that can come close.  And by now, you all know that I’m as excited as mutton (is that a phrase) about all the London events coming up on the Vincent Price London Legacy Tour and mostly the Tresury of Great Recipes Book Launch event at Harrods.  BUT, this recipe is from one of Vincent’s OTHER cookbooks.  Yes, there are more!

cookingwithvincentAnd my good friends over at the Best Butchers in London (official) Morley Butchers have been kind enough to feature me on their blog this week and the recipe for Vincent’s Goulash is there in all its glory.   Just click on that link to visit…

It’s also an opportunity for me to show you a little film I made a couple of years ago with the lovely Nathalie Morris of the bfi at Tim Burton’s house, well, his office really, but it’s in a house.  A lovely house…

Goulish Goulash my pretties!

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