“Well, who would have thunk it?” as my mum often says. I must admit, I decided to test this recipe for the Murder, She Cooked book myself as I didn’t think anyone would volunteer for it. It doesn’t sound very exciting does it? But surprise surprise, it was DELICIOUS!

Lovely new Denby bowl was a Christmas present from Mr Rathbone Sr.

This will now be my go-to soup when I am under the weather. It was super tasty and felt like it was doing me good. I have a rotten cold and this was like medicine in a soup bowl.

Turnips are a funny old thing and I’m not sure that what we call a turnip here in the UK is the same entity elsewhere in the world, but as Ian is British,

and this recipe appeared in a British cookbook, I am pretty sure that what he means by turnips look like this…

I used two smallish turnips and there was about the same amount of turnip as onion…

The soup didn’t really taste of turnips, it reminded me of Vincent Price’s Mulligatawny (which I now realise I simply MUST make again).

This was made in the days before I knew to get rid of the tideline
before taking a photo of soup

Ooh, Vincent and soup. Good excuse for this…

Despite it seeming a little incongruous that someone as suave as Ian Ogilvy would have turnip and onion soup as a favourite dish, IT IS SO and I for one am super pleased that he gave this recipe to a cookbook compiler and it ended up on my test cooking list. I ate half of this in one go, so if you are making it for four, I reckon everyone would only get a small bowl each and they would be clamouring for more!

In a note to self, and to anyone else who fancies making this, I used 5 x beef Oxo cubes for this. I know that Nigel Slater is very anti the Oxo cube, but for me, they are a guilty pleasure and are probably 99% responsible for making this soup so good. Just as it was with my all-time favourite movie star dish Ross Martin’s Beef in Anchovy Cream. I guess that the cream in both dishes helped too!

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