Ooh, I forgot about this post, I made this for Mr R’s birthday breakfast on 1st Jan, and now it February already but this such is a winning recipe so I have decided to make it RECIPE OF THE MONTH.  It is a sarnie for a special occasion, for a special brunch, cut up small as hors d’oevre for a party (!) or even just for a day when you are working from home and heartily fed up with the endless cup-a-soups or peanut butter on toast for your luncheon.  Or is that just me?

On the morning of my birthday Mr R traditionally disappears into the kitchen and rustles me up a Croque Monsieur, with stripes!

I languish in bed like the Queen of Sheba until he returns with it on a tray accompanied by a small bottle of fizz.

This year I decided that I would do the same for him.  I am ashamed to say that I had this idea late in the day, so Mr R had to provide the bread, egg, milk, cheese, butter and ham rather than me putting my hand in my pocket, but he loved it all the same.  I did manage to hide two small bottles of posh prosecco on the balcony overnight though, so they were nice and cold for the morning.

Mr R’s birthday is January 1st so this is how we began what we all hope will be a better year than last year.  Cheers!  I am wishing all my readers a wonderful 2021, we’ve got through a 12th of it already!

Here are the process pix…

…and here’s the recipe.  Heartily recommended for a birthday breakfast or anytime you want to treat yourself, or a loved one to a super-deluxe sandwich!

For those landing here who may not know, I’m working on a Vincent Price cookbook with the lovely Peter Fuller of the Vincent Price Legacy UK.

You can read all about it here…

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