Had a wonderful evening last night with two of my Shellac Sisters, our beaus and two lovely visitors from New York.  Film-maker Joel Schlemowitz and DJ MAC from the Vintage Phonograph Show on WFMU.

It’s been quite a month for the Shellac Sisters.  We DJd at this earlier in the month which was huge fun…

We spent quite a bit of time with the lovely Len and he interviewed us for a programme that will be on the telebox over Christmas.  When we have a date I’ll post it here.  Here’s a lovely pic of us:

and you can get a little sneaky peak of the shenanigans here – it was a fab evening.

Then we DJd at the Henley Festival and were filmed for Joel’s film about 78rpm DJs and collectors.  I’m not sure if you can still pledge for his Kickstarter campaign but there are details about the film here, it should be fab.  Our friends DJ78, Tony Tunes and Greg’s Greats 78s are all involved too so we are really looking forward to it.  Here’s me having my close-up doing my Elizabeth Taylor pose.  Virginia assured me that only my top half was in shot.

After the filming Lady Jane & I did a guest spot on DJ Mac’s radio show.  He recorded us talking about 78s that were about FOOD, it was loads of fun and he said “you guys are funnier than a barrel of monkeys” – ha ha.

But what about the food?  I did a buffet that included:

Rhonda Fleming’s Cowboy Caviar- made with the Shoepeg Corn Heather brought be back from LA.

Vincent Price’s Quiche Lorraine in the nice oblong tin.


Vincent Price’s Yoghurt Marinated Honey-Glazed Chicken which was my favourite bit…

Jane made some fabulous Apple Pan Dowdy in honour of the Shoo Fly Pie song…

I’m going to take a leaf out of Yinzerella’s book and post scans of two of the recipes for y’all.  One of the reasons I haven’t been transcribing many recipes here is the time it takes to type them and translate the American measurements to metric, or Imperial to metric and American.  But I figure that if you want to have a bash then it’s easy these days to find conversion charts on the net – I sometimes use this one…  And through the wonder of iPhone here are the two Vincent recipes.  Excuse my scribbles…

Here’s the chicken recipe – I made this once before as part of the Delights From the Sultan’s Pantry dinner party which was FAB.  It’s a really easy way of making delicious chicken, time consuming but if you are preparing other things at the same time it’s fine.  You just have to remember to keep basting it over the 3 hours it is in the oven.

The Rhonda Fleming recipe will be in the Silver Screen Suppers Book – coming soon, I hope!

The photo below was found on the Vincent Price Exhibit site – it’s fabulous, and there are more of Vincent’s recipes to be found there…

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