The book is out and it is GORGEOUS!

We just couldn’t be prouder of it.  Peter has done an amazing job with all the film reviews and co-star biographies.  He had a great vision for how the book would look and he’s totally made that happen. Ben Wickey‘s illustrations are stupendous

and David Read has done amazing design work on the layout, using some of Peter’s enormous collection of Vincent Price ephemera and photographs.

It’s a really beautiful book.  Only 250 copies have been printed so if you haven’t got your copy yet, don’t delay – especially if you are in the USA (there’s a 7th November deadline for those across the pond) – links for snagging one are at the end of this post.  There are some special signed copies, lots of these were snapped up at the launch!

Here’s Peter’s cute little video about the book.


My role was to write about food scenes in the films, select a Vincent recipe and one of his co-star favourites for each movie, and include verdicts from our fabulous test cooks.

The idea for this collaboration came to us in 2016 when Peter came to my place for a Vincent Price luncheon.

We were hit by a bolt of lightning!  Peter is the expert on Vincent’s films, and I know a lot about movie stars and their favourite recipes.  Hence, we decided to do a book together.  We faffed about for a while and started work on it in earnest in January 2019.  The pandemic concentrated our minds and I can honestly say that working on this project kept me sane, especially when I got emails from our test cooks all around the world telling me about their lockdown adventures when cooking recipes destined for the book.  If you tested a recipe for us, thanks so very, very much.  You are of course acknowledged in the book but I’m also including our acknowledgements at the bottom of this post.  It couldn’t have happened without you all.

I want to say a huge THANK-YOU to the wonderful, funny and infinitely inspiring Peter Fuller, it was an absolute joy to collaborate with him on this glorious book.  He did all the hard work!  Here’s my favourite photo from the book launch party.

Huge thanks are due too, to Victoria Price.  We met at the Abertoir International Horror Festival of Wales way back in 2011 and she introduced me to Peter.  So many adventures have ensued!  It was so lovely to have her (and Allie) at the event via the wonders of Zoom.

I am so thrilled with how the book has turned out, it is so much more to do with Peter’s hard work and dedication than my input.  But I am proud of the bits I’ve written for it, and hope that everyone who buys the book enjoys it too.  It was written with much love by both of us.

Thanks a million all of you wonderful people who helped us get this book out.

Here’s a link to order for those in the USA – Supper with the Stars Cookbook – deadline for reserving a copy is 7th November.

If you are in the UK, you can order at:

If you are based in Europe, you can order at:

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