In The Treasury of Great Recipes Vincent announced: “Probably the most glamorous markets in the world are the Food Halls at Harrods in London” and I say hell yeah!  He declared the whole Harrods emporium to be akin to “The British Museum crossed with Les Halles!”  Well, you know how I feel about Les Halles…

I was fortunate enough to be invited to meet with Harrods Director of Foods the delightful Bruce Langlands last week and boy did we have a lovely gossip?!  I’d bumped into Bruce at a Guild of Food Writers event and felt bold enough to go up and say, “here, did you know Vincent Price was a fan of Harrods?”  Luckily, Bruce didn’t think me some kind of crazy lunatic and wanted to know more so yesterday I hoiked the Treasury – all 1.8 KG* of it – over to Knightsbridge to show him.  He loved it.  For there in all their 1960s glory were the food halls with Vincent and Mary having a gander…

If you have never been to the Harrods Food Halls get yourself down there immediately.  It is just a beautiful, wonderful place full of deliciousness.  Did I buy anything?  Well no, because just before I left the house I got a letter saying my rent was going up by £87 a month so I am in a spin about money.  But if I had any wooden nickels I’d be spending them in there for sure!  Everything looked blooming marvellous.

* I just asked the guy in dispatch at work to weigh the Treasury of Great Recipes for me and when it turned out to be 1.8 KG he said, “it’s just like a baby aint it?!”

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