This is probably the BEST movie star chocolate cake recipe ever, BUT, a word of warning, do not think you can get up early to make this, and still get into work on time.  That is not going to happen.


Our much beloved work colleague Luke resigned recently, much to everyone’s shock, and has gone off to pastures new.  The occasion had to be marked with a cake and I decided on this one.  Man, it was delicious but Lordy it took a long time to make.


I love Julie’s look of concentration as she cuts the cake, goodness knows what my boss Alan just said to shock me so much!

Vincent Price's Dark Mocha Cake

We are too lazy to wash up plates at work, so we used industrial hand wipes.  Not very attractive!


I love this version of Vincent’s cake made by Nicole and Megan at Brutal as Hell.  


Their cake is much prettier than mine, I didn’t think to cut each cake into halves, but if I ever make this again (on a day when I don’t have to get to work, of course) I might try a bit harder with my presentation…

Nicole and Megan wrote a lovely blog post about Vincent’s cake which includes the recipe, so hop over there and have a look – the recipe is there too.

This cake is MEGA.







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