I am pleased to announce the three winners of the Vincent Price Cucumber Crocodile competition.  Victoria Price was just delighted to see all of the entries and wrote, “OH MY GOD! These are so great. . .”  Haha, indeed they are, for all the entries skip over here, and for Vincent’s instructions on how to construct one, see here.

But now, drumroll please, in reverse order here are the three winners selected by Victoria – she didn’t know who had made each crocodile but I’m so pleased to say that the third prize of this bonkers cucumber pen…

was awarded to someone very much loved by myself, Victoria and Peter Fuller, my co-writer on the Supper with the Stars book, none other than GAZ BAILEY of the Abertoir International Horror Festival of Wales.

Second prize –  a wonderful spooky finger candle from Wailing Dip 

will be wending its way from Silver Screen Suppers Towers here in North London all the way to New Orleans. Brian Theis of The Infinite Feast – your colourful croc was Victoria’s second favourite.

The first prize in my competition, this Vincent Price finger puppet I commissioned from the lovely Ding Dong Designs will soon be proudly displayed in the home…

of Jan Manthey and family!

Jan is one of the most creative people I know so I am thrilled that he’ll be the recipient of the finger puppet.  I’ve been to his house and I know it will fit right in with all the millions of gewgaws and gimcracks around the place.  Perhaps this photograph of Jan and my ex-boyfriend Vic taken just a couple of weeks ago will tell you all you need to know. Congratulations, Jan!

BOUNDLESS CREATIVITY!  It is what we need in this world, especially now.  Thanks to all the other folk who entered the competition and sorry you didn’t win a prize this time.  I’m sure in 2022 I’ll be compelled to run another competition of some sort so stay tuned!

There are still a few copies of the Supper with the Stars book available, so do nip over to Peter’s website if you want to grab one.  Once they are gone they are gone!  Only 250 copies were created, they are gold dust!

There is a wonderful interview with Peter about how we hatched the idea for the book and the fun we had writing it together here.  There is lots of inspiration here for anyone who is thinking about plunging in and writing a book.  Do it!

All that is left for me to do is wish you all a wonderful festive season.  Every year Mr Rathbone sends me lots of fabulous Christmas cheesecake photos in the run up to the big day and here are my two favourites from 2021.  Basically, I want the onesie from the first one and the boots from the second.  I’ll be well cosy!

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