I learned something fundamental last week. You cannot stir a curry with one hand and try and film it on your iPhone with the other. The saucepan spins and spins and spins!  Just like the little coloured spinning wheel of death I get on my computer screen all the time, as my bedroom is an internet blackspot…


My lovely chum Peter Fuller of the Vincent Price Legacy UK site came up with a genius idea for a short film to show at the Vincent Price event he is organising on the 30th May (this Tuesday) here in London. It sold out AGES ago so I won’t make you green with envy if you haven’t got a ticket, but it’s gonna be fabulous.


I will be making 10 Cucumber Crocodiles on the night…


(yes, I have a big spider on my head)

…and Peter is editing together some video and stills I took to demonstrate how to make a curry Vincent Price style. I followed Vincent’s instructions on the Exotic Delights of The Far East LP to the T including wearing a Saree, lots of bangles and dangly earrings and burning incense to create an atmosphere…


Once the party has happened, I’ll share the demo film and all the recipes. I can’t wait to see how Peter mashes it all together. It took me SO LONG to cook all the food, photograph it, film it, try and work out how to put a Saree on etc.etc.etc. Note to self: when you think something will take a couple of hours, make that a couple of days…  I look knackered don’t I?  I was…


On a little trawl around the interwebs I found this great fake movie poster and thought I’d share it here, wouldn’t this be a fabulous movie – if it really existed?!  This is the work of Sean Hartter, who is sady no longer with us, but here’s a link to a website that is maintained by his son where you can see other examples of his artwork…


So I’m hoping to see some of you at the event on Tuesday.  If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, what about a trip to Spain with Peter and Victoria at the end of September / beginning of October?

Read all about it on Victoria’s travel website – Explore, Savor, Celebrate – SO wish I could go, but no dough!


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