Pheweeeeeee!  What a night!  It was Vincent all the way with the following of his recipes being  rustled up at Silver Screen Suppers Towers for a Haloweeeeeen party: Bloody Mary, Liver and Bacon Pâté, Oxtail Creole and Pumpkin Pie.

Welcome to a Halloween special at Silver Screen Suppers Towers…

It was the inaugural Halloween Cookalong and at the end of this post will be links to the wonderful worlds of my fellow participants.  I heartily recommend that you go on a little blog tour and see the wonders of Vincent Price recipes being made for Halloween all around the world.

So here is how my Vincent Price themed Halloween went…

The night before the big event my squeeze came over and we had two types of Vincent Price Goulash I had taken out of my freezer (christened by him as “the frozen archives”) the day before.  I am a terrible hoarder of all things, including frozen foodstuffs so one version was the Vincent Price Goulash Corinna and I had last New Year’s Eve (2012/2013) made with venison (yum yum) and one was the Vincent Price Goulash we had the year before for New Year’s Eve (2011/2012) made with beef.  Both were lovely and I am here to tell the tale so both goulashes survived cryogenic processing for longer than they probably should have…  Here’s a rotten photo of what was actually a delightful dinner.

I was really excited on Halloween morning when the link to the Vincent Price Goulash demonstration film I made with my chum Nathalie for the British Film Institute’s Gothic season went live on the interweb.  Once I got over how goofy I looked I liked it.  My mum said it made her laugh which is ultimately the best thing I could have wished for.  If you fancy checking it out, here is the link:

 Cooking Vincent Price’s Goulash

I got event specific presents from Mr R – what a great guy – he’d bought me a Vincent mug:

and a 45rpm of Vincent doing The Monster Mash which was played many times on the kitchen record player as we got down and dirty with masses of lambs and pigs livers, bacon, oxtails and other slightly gruesome foodstuffs…

He also did a great job of pumpkin carving:

I couldn’t resist serving Pickled Onion Monster Munch as a little appetizer because I love them and they seemed appropriate:

Mr Rathbone made the Bloody Marys and the Liver and Bacon Pâté so there will be a guest post from him soon.  I’ll let him explain why making the latter made him feel like he was in a “bloody abattoir”.  For now, here is the Bloody Mary recipe which I believe he made to the letter and for my taste was perfect – very lemony and lovely:

Here is a pic  of me and Heather (not her real hair) enjoying the Vincent Price Bloody Marys (and a beer chaser)

And here is the splendour of the pâté – mmmmmmmm – it was DELICIOUS.  Report from the chef coming soon….

What a SPORT my new man is, not only was he knee deep in raw liver for most of Halloween he also grew a beard in order to pose as Vincent.


Mr R

These pictures make me laugh out loud with pure joy.  A lot.  How fabulous!  He grew that beard SPECIFICALLY so he could pose for me.  Wow.  Here is a man who understands why I love the recipes and food writing of Vincent Price so much….

Back to the Cookalong…  I’ve never cooked oxtail before and I loved picking up a great big bundle of bony old tail bits from my local butcher – Midhurst Butchers in Fortis Green.  I more or less had to climb over an enormous tree that had come down in the mega storm just to get to it.

Why did I order Oxtail ahead of time and get great amusement out of the butcher mishearing my name as JANICE?  Because this recipe was kind of delivered to me by the ether as the one I should make for the Cookalong.  I have a spreadsheet of all my film star recipes and Vincent’s Oxtail Creole was the 500th recipe to hit the spreadsheet – I took it as a sign…

Vacuum packed and labelled up for Janice, the oxtail was on the boil at 3.30 – served at around 9pm so the meat was falling off those tailbones into the mix and it was a good old fashioned stew like yer nan used to make.  The boys both had seconds – me and Heather are liver lovers and had eaten about half of the pate between us so were more demure about the oxtail.  Not very photogenic but it was GOOD with mashed potato.

Here is the recipe:

And for pudding?  It had to be pumpkin pie of course…

I used the pastry recipe from Vincent’s Crostada Di Mele pie in the Treasury of Great Recipes and the filling from the Pumpkin  Pie recipe in the Vincent and Mary Price’s “Come Into the Kitchen Cookbook”.

MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmace!  It was very macey because the lid flew off my mace jar as I was making the filling and a bit extra went in the mix, so next year I will measure it more precisely.  Here’s the recipe:

And what was everyone else up to?  Well check all of these out my pretties!  There will also be some guest posts coming soon here from Cookalong participants who don’t have blogs.  Until then, feast your eyes on the splendour of Vincent recipes for yummy things like liver, steak and HEARTS being tackled by food bloggers all around the globe.  It was so much fun organising this Cookalong – roll on next Halloween……..

Cookalong posts go live today – Monday 4th November so I will add links as they come in – have fun on your blog tour!

Michael of Michael MacMahon – Chicken in Vermouth
A couple of extras…
Cathy of Battenburg Belle also made the Pumpkin Pie
Ruth of Mid Century Menu also made version 2 of Vincent’s Bloody Mary and his Pumpkin Pie
I am going to sit down with a Vincent Price Bloody Mary after work today and read through these to see what kind of monster I have created.
Non bloggers who will be guest posters here soon…
Vic Pratt – Curator of Fiction Film at the British Film Institute – Chicken Livers Sauteed with Apples and Onion Rings
Nathalie Morris – Curator of Special Collections at the British Film Institute – Shropshire Fidget Pie
Gaz Bailey – Director: Abertoir Horror Festival – Pumpkin Pie
Mr Rathbone – Vincent Price Lookeelikee – Liver and Bacon Pate
There may be some other lovely folks who try the Vincent Pumpkin Pie and/or Goulash recipes.  I’ll keep you posted.
Thank you Vincent – you have made a lot of folks very happy this Halloween!

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