I was involved in a top secret mission last night – details will follow when the embargo is lifted but for now all I can say is this:

Vincent Price – Goulish Goulash – British Film Insitute.

Wanna see me weilding an axe?

Wanna see me washing up with something scary trying to grab hold of me?

Ha ha!  All will be revealed during the week before Halloween.  Talking of which, I am organising an international Vincent Price Cookalong for Halloween.  All the folks from the Knoxapocalypse II challenge have agreed to participate and I’ll be sending personal invites to Glamorous Glutton, Battenburg Belle and Sally at My Custard Pie very soon but I figured I’d extend an open invite too.  If you’d like to join us in making a Vincent Price dish for your Halloween supper just email me via the Contact Page – you don’t have to have a blog.  Just a love of Vincent and good victuals.

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