Just a quick note to say that I am thrilled to get a mention on the Turner Classic Movies blog – here’s the link – it’s an excellent piece about Vincent and his cooking prowess:

In the Kitchen With Vincent Price

So a big thankyou to Kimberly Lindbergs who has a fabulous blog here – (on hold at the moment it seems but lots of great stuff in the archives) and writes regularly for Movie Morlocks – she is my new best friend, even though she doesn’t know it yet!

Also tomorrow I will be on Hatty Ashdown’s Silly Radio Show talking about the Halloween Cookalong, Vincent Price and spooky stuff in general…

It’s on from 1-3pm and I think I’ll be gassing away with Hatty from about 1.30…  You can tune in live wherever you are in the world and  I’ll post a link to the show in her archive once it’s done and dusted.

I’ve taking some Vincent Price Brown and White Cookies and will be smuggling in one of Vincent’s Angoustora Bitters based cocktails in too…

A reminder that if you would like to join in with the Vincent Price Cookalong everyone is welcome – details are here on the Vincentennial Cookblog…

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