I had a lovely day off yesterday, spending it baking like a lunatic for today’s Muswell Hill and District Horticultural Society Autumn Show cookery contest.  I made 8 cakes!  Admittedly, 2 are for the cake stall, but I’ll have 6 in competition.  Yikes.  I am particularly pleased with my Yul Brynner Apple Walnut Cake (recipe coming soon):


and my Stout Brownies – made with Hammerton Oyster Stout of course!  Oysters in a Brownie?  Nobody will know if you don’t tell them…


Anyhow, I have lots to do before showtime, so this is a quick post to share the Vincent Price Hamburgers recipe.  Which isn’t really a recipe, it’s more a concept, but it is a concept I love.  Especially when I have a bit of minced beef and some pâté lying around the place needing to be used up…


Mary and Vincent Price’s Barbecued Double Hamburgers – Recipe from A Treasury of Great Recipes (1965)

Serves 4 (so I just divide up for one)

1. Divide: 1 pound freshly ground beef (round, top sirloin, or chuck) into 8 patties

2. Top 4 of the patties with: 1 slice Roquefort cheese.  Cover each with a second hamburger patty and press edges together to seal.

3. Grill about 4 minutes on each side if you like your hamburgers quite rare.  Season with salt and pepper after they are cooked.

4. Follow the above procedure, substituting 2 tablespoons liver pâté or 2 tablespoons of your favourite poultry dressing, cooked, in place of the cheese filling as variations on this theme.

5. Serve on toasted buttered hamburger rolls.

Yum, yum!  I almost never eat the roll of a hamburger, so I served mine naked, with some Champignons Grillés Marie-Victoire from the Treasury too…


I am very excited that I now now how to put accents on the e and a little hat on the a of pâté – I have Chloë (note double dots) of Bibelot Magazine to thank for that…


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