It’s been a while since there was a FAIL in the Silver Screen Suppers kitchen, but these cookies were most definitely a fail. I’d never made them before and I was making them in advance of my “Living My Life Like Angela Lansbury Day” (blog post coming very soon about that…)

I do not blame Vincent’s recipe of course, I blame myself. Well actually, I blame my oven. For cookies that should have looked like this:

Looked like this:

Call me Ragnar Hairybreeks

No matter how much I fiddled with my temperature dial, no matter how I tried to keep an eye on them, I just kept burning batch after batch…


In the end I managed to get ONE cookie that wasn’t too incinerated to eat with my afternoon tea a la Lansbury but I’m telling ya, it’s going to be a very long time until I try and make lace cookies again, if ever!

Here’s the recipe in case you have a more reliable oven than I do…

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