I passed the Amstel Hotel a couple of times on my way to and from business meetings in Amsterdam but I saved up my visit for Saturday morning when I could appreciate it to the full.  I was strangely nervous as I walked across the bridge.  It’s such an imposing building and I really felt like someone who probably wouldn’t be allowed in.  I’d decided to wear a frock instead of jeans just in case…


There were so many “meet and greet” staff – outside, on the steps to the entrance, just inside, all lined up – I wondered if they were expecting someone very special to arrive.  I guess this is just the way it is at extremely posh hotels.  Still, I had good reason to be there and I bolded it out (if that’s a phrase) and took my seat beside the window in the terrace.  Oh what a super place!  Sooooo beautiful with everything perfect and refined.

Coffee came with SIX biscuits.

I hadn’t had breakfast so I ate two.  I checked the menu for the Ginger Cake Vincent had written about in The Treasury but alas, not listed.  But there were plenty of other elaborate cakes on display.

It really was a wonderful place to relax and look out on to the River Amstel.  I can see why Vincent and Mary liked it here.  While I had coffee two hotel guests walked through wearing SPORTSWEAR then sat on the terrace drinking beer and wine at 11 o’clock in the morning.  Shocking!  But the waiter who took the drinks out didn’t bat an eyelid.  I guess if you can afford to stay at the Amstel, you can do whatever you please!

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