I’ve gone Quiche crazy.  Preparing for the Highgate Horticultural Society competition on Saturday.  I couln’t decide between Alfred Hitchcock’s and Vincent’s but my work colleague Obi just clinched it.  He said of today’s quiche, “I’d rather buy your quiche than Waitrose’s finest”.  What a compliment.  I am going to follow his suggestion of using Hitch’s pastry recipe and Vincent’s filling.

Grand prize for the winner of the quiche competition is the grand sum of one English pound.  Seeing as I have made 2 test quiches at about £12 per go, have bought 2 new quiche tins totaling £20 and paid for two memberships to the Hort. Soc. for me and Cathy of £14 – even if I win I’ll be over £50 down.  Ha ha.

I wish I could remember who it was who said about the Silver Screen Suppers project, “you are a victim of your own folly” because it is TRUE.

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