Do you have a bottle of Angostura Bitters hanging around in your cocktail cabinet? You bought it for some tipple or another years ago, and it now just sits there, unloved?  Most of us do. Luckily, Vincent Price was involved in an ad campaign that featured recipes containing this magic elixir. Use it up and wear it out!

The Vincent Price Exhibit website is a fabulous source of many things Vincent. They have gathered many examples of newspaper and magazine ads featuring Vincent including the four that follow – if anyone knows of any other examples, do let me know and I’ll add them into this blog post. Also, if you have a copy of this, I beg you to get in touch, I cannot find one for love nor money.

I love the fact that Vincent suggests a cocktail to imbibe while you cook up an Angostura storm. I’ve made the Chinese Chicken which was excellent and am a big fan of the Pink Tonics and the New Fashioned. I’ll be coming back to make all of the other recipes in these ads no doubt. Especially the “smashing” British switch on hot dogs…

Work continues apace on the Vincent Price cookbook and Peter and I will be meeting up next Saturday for a final proofread.

We are that close folks!  Keep up to date with the publishing plans by registering here and polish up your cucumber crocodile making skills as there will be a competition!  Oh yes, with prizes…

OOH, stop press, just found one more Vincent Angostura recipe on the internet courtesy of Sisco Vanilla – here on the right

I’m deffo going to try that salad dressing!  Watch this space…

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