Asparagus season here – yippee!  The minute I spotted some, I grabbed it, with this lovely luncheon in mind.  Sometimes when I’m working from home I fancy something fancy and this feels fancy.

Egghead would approve!

It’s so quick and easy too.  I don’t cook my asparagus spears for anywhere near as long as Vincent says.  I steam them, probably for around 7 minutes (I don’t time it, I just keep sticking a knife in until they are done to my liking). If you fry your egg in copious amounts of butter, by the time you have arranged your asparagus nicely and popped your egg(s) on top, you’ll have brown butter to pour over. Copious amounts of parmesan and a bit of black pepper and there you have it. A super delicious brunch or lunch dish in around 10 minutes.

On the subject of eggs.  Remember when eggs were WHITE?  I had some white eggs the other day and they were nestled in the egg tray with some brown eggs.  My friend Katy made me laugh by pointing at the white ones and saying “before holiday” and then pointing at the brown ones and saying “after holiday”.  Took me a while to get it.  Sun tan!

I spotted this on the cover of this week’s FEAST so if I spot another bunch of fresh asparagus before the season ends I’ll have another go at Vincent’s recipe, adding in a bit of JAMON!


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