For the pre-birthday dinner I also made a baked ham to Vincent’s specifications.  Here’s a picture of it when it surfaced from the oven.  Heather kept eating bits of the crust as I broke it all off.  She does love her proper pastry.

I didn’t have time to decorate it in the crazy fashion of the one in Cooking Price-Wise but here’s a photo of the one I made earlier at Ptolemy’s.  Everything in the kitchen was a bit bonkers so Mr P just sliced it all up alongside the beef.  It was lovely porky goodness.

Wish I had one of those piggy boards.  I might do another one of these for the Christmas lunch I am doing on Sunday.  Christmas is hurtling towards me like a comet.  I’m out boozing it up every night this week.

It is with sadness that I report the Christmas Bazaar season is over and not a hand knitted pan scourer in sight.  Next year I’m going to look further afield because it seems that little old ladies that live in London are too sophisticated to muck around knitting rubbish things for bazaars.  Last week’s contender was only five minutes walk from my house.  I almost rejected it as it was called a Christmas Fair rather than Bazaar but it was so close I couldn’t resist.

There were some hand knitted objects but they looked a bit too professional for my liking:

I bought a little biscuit type thing to hang on my tree – it was 50p.

Nothing on the cake stall looked like it had been made by anyone with cooties.  It was all a bit POSH.  I’m going to have to get the train out Essex next year I reckon for the kind of Caker Christmas items I really want to get.  Talking of which, I better get on with my Holly Cookies for Cathy & Sloman’s party.  When I went to the local corner shop and put a massive box of cornflakes and three packets of marshmallows on the counter the shopkeeper (who doesn’t normally chat) said, “What’s going on here then?” I told him what I was going to make and he looked absolutely nonplussed…

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