Vincent usually gets things absolutely perfect in his recipes, but this one was a bit screwy. Serves 6? Me and Vic ate the lot between the two of us! Perhaps we are just greedy…  Vic said: “Serves 6?  6 leprechauns maybe.”

Unphotogenic but tasty

                                                                                    Unphotogenic but tasty

My ex is a different man since he had his near death experience.  I sent him an email saying something along the lines of “Do you like cauliflower?  If you do, come round for your tea before The Rockford Files.  If not come round after your tea.”  He replied immediately that he’d love to come for dinner.  He’ll eat anything these days it seems.  Used to be a very fussy fella food-wise.  I couldn’t get him out of the country either.  In 8 years together I think we had one weekend in Paris and a day trip to Boulougne – now he’s constantly gallivanting about.  I hear he’s off to PORTUGAL next week.

Naturally I asked him a million times about when he was taking me and Corinna for our KFC Bucket, and when he planned to cook me something from the Richard O’Sullivan cookbook as promised…

51WNzMn6tvL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_Vic has this book, and he has the apron too….

He deflected questions about the KFC Bucket, and denied ever promising a Richard O’Sullivan dish.  However, I did get an invite for liver and onions at his house when he is back from Lisbon.  RESULT.  I shall try and recreate the photo above of him at the stove in his pinny.


Here’s Vincent’s tasty recipe, from the Cooking Price-Wise cookbook…


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