Ooh, I’ve got a little article over at the Vincent Price Legacy site about cooking with the BRAND NEW and JUST RELEASED Vincent Price Ale.  Can you imagine how amazing it will be to sip a beer with Vincent on the label?  I have some on order and will be snapping selfies left right and centre once it arrives.  Here’s the brilliant label designed by the lovely Graham Humphreys who I met last year at the Abertoir International Horror Festival of Wales and here’s a link to my article on the Vincent Price Legacy site.  You will find the Ragout recipe there…

Vincent Price Ale

Just to mention that Vincent’s daughter Victoria will be in London this month and at a special BFI screening of The Jackals.  This is a once in a million chance to see this film, and Victoria will be talking about her father after the screening.  Such a treat.  Tickets are available here, the date is Tuesday 20th September – I’ll be there!



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