It’s my annual spinster’s day!  I do so love to have a day to myself now and then, doing exactly whatever the hell I like.  Today is such a day.  I am on annual leave, and still in my pyjamas at 1pm with no intention of getting out of them.

I’ve done my weekly drawing.  I’ve written a letter to one of my Silver Screen Suppers newsletter competition winners.  I’ve caught up with what’s going on over at Dinner is Served 1972.  I’ve had my favourite spinster’s brunch – Buckingham Eggs.  It is a SUPERB day so far.


I love Buckingham Eggs for many reasons.  Not least for the fact that it was through these, via an internet search, that I made the acquaintance of internet-chum Lauren Hairston of The Past on a Plate. She does a great “mash up” of this recipe and another from the Treasury for Grilled Anchovies –  you can it see here…

And here’s my version of Buckingham Eggs just for one, based on the Mary and Vincent recipe…

I mix 1 tablespoon of butter with 1 tablespoon of anchovy paste (I use the legendary Patum Peperium – basically because I just like to see the jar and read the words and type them out – Patum Peperium!)

Patum Peperium The Gentleman's Relishand 1 teaspoon mustard (this morning I used Dijon mustard).  Make some toast, spread this on it and keep it warm while you scramble some eggs however you like them.  Pop the scrambled eggs on top of the anchovy pasted toast, grate some cheddar on top, pop under the grill until bubbling.  Scoff. 

The amount of anchovy mixture made by quantities above is probably enough for 3 pieces of toast, but this morning I had two big doorsteps of Jane Wyatt’s Beer Bread from the freezer with the whole anchovy mixture split between two.  It was a very robust brunch!  I am ready for anything now… Possibly the best spinster’s breakfast in the world.  Especially good when hungover (which I am).

RoddyMaryVincentI found this lovely photo of Mary and Vincent over at the Cooking With Vincent website and just read the blog post it is from, written by their daughter Victoria.  Although I do usually mention Mary whenever I talk about A Treasury of Great Recipes it hadn’t really hit me until now, that Mary’s name comes before Vincent’s after the “by”. 


I have always known that Mary must have done tonnes of work on the cookbook.  Vincent’s voice of course comes through in the lovely introductory paragraphs for each recipe.  But Mary’s guiding influence shouldn’t be underestimated.  In the future I shall remember that the Treasury is by Mary and Vincent Price and get them the right way round…

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