Have you ever been to Bart’s Pathology Museum? It’s insane! 

Bart's Pathology Museum

Very hard to find, it’s a hidden treasure of London.  If you ever get to go, make sure you have a look at the cabinet that contains many strange things that folks, since the dawn of time, have been inserting into their bodies, then going to Bart’s to have them removed, when they find they can’t get them out again!  Ha ha!  The 1920s pencil case was my favourite.  Madness.


This was the venue for the first of my Vincent Price London Legacy Tour events.  The wonderful Peter Fuller of The Sound of Vincent Price organised a whole slew of brilliant happenings to celebrate the life and legacy of the genius that is Vincent Price and it was all SO MUCH FUN!

I was asked to do the catering the Bart’s event.  I have NEVER catered for an event.  I spent hours and hours working out how much flour, milk, sausages, cheese, cucumbers etc. I would need for this shindig.  I roped in Battenburg Belle and Mr Rathbone, and between us we made 300 cheese knots, 300 toad-in-the-holes (toads-in-the-hole?) and enough cheese cubes and pickled onion combos to decorate 8 cucumber crocodiles…


Behold the splendour!


              The “Knots”


                             The “Toads”

The "Crocs"

                  The “Crocs”

It was a really lovely evening.  The guests all seemed thrilled to be eating canapés made to Vincent’s own recipes from the Treasury of Great Recipes, there was a fabulous talk by Victoria Price about her father’s life and legacy and a screening of the brilliant Scream and Scream again.  

scream and scream again

The most fun part for me though, was all of us who had volunteered to cook, run the bar and generally help out, being naughty at the back while everyone was watching the film!  We eventually found out who had been eating all the crocodile eyes (made from olives) – Olivier!

Would you like to know the NAMES of the cucumber crocodiles?

Ha ha – a big thank-you to Battenberg Belle (you can read her take on the evening by clicking here…) and Mr Rathbone for all their help, and of course the lovely Peter Fuller for organising such a great night.


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