On Saturday night I had to take a buffet style dish to “Strictly Fortismere” a Strictly Come Dancing type affair at my god-daughter’s school.  Her mum (Battenburg Belle) in a moment of madness had volunteered to do a tango.  It was brilliant.  And VP’s Chinese Chicken was a perfect thing to take to an event where everyone just bunged a big bowl of something in the middle of a table and it was sharesies all round.

I found Vincent’s recipe at the wonderful Vincent Price Exhibit website:

and of course the awesome Mimi over at 1972: The Retro WW Experiment made it for the Vincent Price Halloween Cookalong...

I followed Vincent’s instructions to the letter – although I used drumsticks and thighs rather than whole halves of chickens.  There was a LOT of sauce, in fact I now have a massive bag of it in my freezer for another time, so if you are making this you might want to halve or even quarter the amount of sauce you make.

I also added a step at the end.  When the end of cooking time arrived there was quite a lot of liquid in the bottom of my roasting pan.  I decided to crisp up my chicken bits by putting them in a dry roasting pan and wacking up the heat a bit.  The chicken was delicious.  I should know by now that Vincent is the man to turn to for crowd pleasing dishes…

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