Mmm – this was lovely but I’m afraid there is no photographic evidence as I was too busy getting drunk with David & Katy.  I was a bit worried that Vincent’s curry powder would be clove-heavy but in fact once it was all cooked up it was lovely.  There is not a scrap left.  There is however some Savoy Cabbage Potato Curry which I am going to have in a minute with a fried egg on top – mmm a sort of curried freeform bubble and squeak.

I also made some Chana Masala in my slow cooker – I liked this recipe as you just bung it all in and leave it all day.  I made David laugh because he and Katy are my SCIENTIFIC friends.  They are very logical and practical – the opposite to me – and David asked me what temperature the slow cooker went up to and I said, “you can have it on low, medium or high” which to me made absolute sense but he thought this was brilliant and ultimately nonsensical.  It was a bit like the Spinal Tap scene about the amp going up to 11.

D&K brought me some of their home-made sloe gin which was divine.  I haven’t seen their lovely faces for a very, very, very long time but now they are back in Tufnell Park I am hoping that will change.  We can do door-to-door on the 134!

Not sure if I’ll be doing any more Silver Screen Suppers recipes before Christmas so this will probably be my last post for a while.  Just to mention that two TV programmes I worked on are going out over the festive season.  Firstly

Arena – Screen Goddesses – Tonight – 9pm – BBC4


Hollywood’s Lost Screen Goddess – Clara Bow – BBC 4 – 30th December 9-10pm

Here’s wishing all my readers a fantabulosa festive season. Hope Santa brings you everything you wish for.  I have asked for a new kind of man with a new kind of love for me…


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