Behold His Majesty The Loaf.

I love making bread.  You have to be having a spinster’s day in really, for all the sticking it in a warm place to rise and then kneading it and letting it rise again, but really it’s a lovely thing to do.  Vincent’s recipe actually makes two loafs and I was going to give this one to my date tonight.  But alas, he stood me up so there will be no loaf for him!  I used the herbs from Jane and Trix’s garden.

Vincent is so wise and here is what he says in The Treasury of Great Recipes about making bread: “In the high-flying jangle of my professional rounds, I’ve found that two things can get me back to earthbound composure – gardening and bread making.”

So even before I knew I’d need to get back to earthbound composure, I had stored some up in advance.

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