Is it hot where you are? Here in the UK we are having an Indian Summer which is such a fillip. It is bright and sunny, and I’m still using my little portable desk fan. I am making the most of the lovely weather by spending an hour outside every day either walking around the block or sitting in the communal garden with a cuppa. One day I will be adventurous and get on the bus to Highgate Woods, I am revving myself up for that.

I have many conversations with Mr R about the weather. He is a regular checker of the forecast, whereas I tend to stick my head out of the window to decide whether it is a t-shirt, jumper or jacket kind of day. I am definitely a late adopter of seasonal wear and seasonal food and beverages too. I pledged to myself that I would make some of Vincent’s iced tea right at the beginning of summer and it has taken me until now. It is meteorologically speaking, already Autumn. But it’s high summer somewhere right? In some countries it is hot all the time of course, so if you are in need of a refreshing, cooling beverage, here’s how Vincent likes his.

There are so many lovely online emporiums popping in the post all kinds of weird and wonderful dried leaves and berries. I got my selection from Team Tea and I’ll be set until next summer I reckon. I’ve put my mixture in this tea caddy that belonged to my nan, I’m guessing it’s from the 1930s.

So here’s Vinnie’s recipe, there’s an intriguing iced coffee recipe underneath it in the Treasury, maybe I’ll get around to that next summer…

Oh my goodness, look what I just found in my search for a photo of Vincent drinking tea…

Arg. Out of stock! Anyone got some at the back of their coffee cupboard they want to swap for something English in the post?!

There are just FOUR recipes left up for grabs to test for the forthcoming Vincent Price Co*Star Cookbook that I’m working on with Peter of the Vincent Price Legacy UK site. Skip over to this page if you fancy giving one of them a go…

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