I made this dish recently because the caretaker of my building threw away my cauliflower. Yes, a perfectly good cauliflower.


But I guess it was my fault. I’d put it out on the fire escape because my old dinky fridge was too full, and it was cold out there. When I looked for it, it was GORN.  I was desolated as I was planning a cauliflower cheese, and I LOVE a cauliflower cheese.  As with potato salad, I always use the same recipe, the one from Rosie Lovell’s book which is one of my non-movie-star-related favourites.


No matter, I had loads of leftover potatoes, and a lot of cheese to use up after the visit of the Frickster from Texas. Also some sour cream which I thinned out with some milk. So a variation on Vincent’s recipe was rustled up instead of cauliflower cheese. I don’t usually do this. I’m very much a stickler for following a recipe. But I went a bit freestyle and I was very, very pleased with myself when the result was absolutely delicious.


Yum, yum.  I can vividly the time I first made this dish. The SMELL of it cooking was sooooooo good. So here’s the original recipe. Follow it to the letter, or muck around with it. Both are good.


Thanks Vincent – yet another winner from A Treasury of Great Recipes!


There will be no more veggies on the fire escape – as mentioned in my previous post, MY NEW MASSIVO FRIDGE HAS ARRIVED.  I am so happy…


The first thing to go in was something I found down the side of the old one.  Not seen for a year and a half.  A 1.5 litre bottle of Prosecco!


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