Price Vincent
“A man who limits his interests,
limits his life.”

It warms the cockles of my heart (and believe me at the moment they need warming) to hear from test cooks who don’t know myself or Ruth, but just like the idea of being involved in our cooking project. I’ve been having a lovely email correspondence with Mickey in Athlone, Ireland who has tested three recipes for us with great vigour!

I loved his report on Vincent’s Steak: “A mighty lump of meat as they say in Ireland. Goes well with chips and onions.” That makes me STARVING for a good hairy steak! I guess the amount of garlic in Vincent’s recipe would keep the vampires away for sure. I may rustle this one up for myself on Halloween night then watch a scary Vincent Price movie. Rosalind and Jimmy are currently residing just under the Hollywood sign and a neighbouring (and by all accounts spooky looking) house was once owned by Bela Lugosi. Alas we have no recipes for him but they might try out Boris Karloff’s Steak and Kidney Pie on the 31st whilst hiding somewhere in the garden. Ha ha!

I’ve got some brilliant CDs of Vincent Price’s radio cookery show which I heartily recommend. Sometimes I listen to them while I am cooking for inspiration. He sure knew how to throw a dinner party. If you are clever enough to work out how to do it, you can listen to them here… – happy listening!

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