Mmmm.  Yes.  I do like these.  Mr R however, has something against stuff that “moves around on the plate” so I made him a naked version with the sauce on the side.  He took dainty tastes of it from the tip of his knife.  He’s a very graceful eater is Mr R.  He doesn’t slather everything in sauce like I do.  He has a smear or two and that’s it.  He’s a refined diner.  Not like me, I ladled it on…

I might come back and blog up the recipe for this at a later date but basically, it’s a creamy sauce with chicken and mushroom and sherry in, poured on top of a poached egg, decorated with pimientos, asparagus and olives.  Nice.  There is a better picture here, when I made it for the Vincentennial

I love the fact that if I type Vincentennial Harlequin Eggs into google and then click on “Images” I see a picture of me and the Frickster with Carol Channing, my goddaughter wearing a mexican hat and me with my “Ugly Sweater Wearer of the Year Award” – I love this thing called the internet!

(Carol had just finished telling me and Caroline a very rude story about Tallulah Bankhead whch cracked me up.)

After her great victory on “jam jar massacre Saturday” where she made me THROW AWAY around 70 jam jars, Heather is coming to my flat tomorrow to sort out my kitchen cupboards.  She’s descending upon me like Bishop Brennan on a mission to help me declutter. I am SCARED.

She is threatening to tip everything that is out of date into a big bowl, add water, mix it up and make me eat it.  I will report back…  Help me Vincent, patron saint of my kitchen – don’t let her make me throw away those ladyfinger biscuits I have had for two or three years…



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