I’ve been on a little holiday to Whitstable and very lovely it was too.  Four days in a fabulous and oh-so-peaceful little home from home, that was full of books and a beautiful orchid:


It was a perfect place to write – and cook – and eat – and drink – and try to remember how my “proper” camera works.  Also a place for Mr Rathbone to proof read the third draft of the Columbo cookbook.  Which he did, the lovely man.  When he wasn’t creeping around the alleyways of Whitstable.  That man sure loves a twitten.  


The local pub had a pool table and a PACMAN so I was very happy indeed.  


One of the things I love about staying in a holiday home, is using someone else’s kitchen bits and pieces, so I bought some fish from the harbour and Mr R. made a video of me making some Vincent Price Chowder.  This is a bit slammed together, The Pioneer Woman I ‘aint, but it was lots of fun to make.  Most food videos these days are so perfect and polished and shiny.  This one isn’t! This is how most ordinary people cook I reckon…  It ends a bit abruptly, I can’t seem to fix that…


The reference to “mucky potatoes” is from Heather’s mum Frannie, who asked for these specifically, when we went out to shop for her.  My glee about them being sold loose in Whitstable relates to many conversations with Mr R about how annoying it is these days that all the supermarkets sell ENORMOUS bags of potatoes and you might just want one or two…


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