I won an Oscar last week!  Well, the film archiving world’s equivalent of an Oscar.  I am the proud recipient of the Focal International Footage Employee of the Year Award.  Look how happy I am about it.  It’s a bit like winning the Best Actress at the Academy Awards.  Sort of.

It’s reminded me that I still have some of my other triumphant successes to brag about – a few more things that I won prizes for at the Muswell Hill Horticultural Socitey Show.  So here’s one.

Heather had to begrudgingly admit that I was right to not let her throw away all my mini jam jars when she saw how cute my Quince Marmalade looked at the MHHS show.  When she swooped down like Bishop Brennan to rid me of excess jam jars I put my foot down about these.  They are like the little tiny pots you get jam in at posh B&Bs and I love them.

I also love Vincent’s Quince Marmalade.  Despite its propensity to go a bit mouldy (despite my pernickety sterilising of jars and jar lids) it’s fab.  If I spot any quinces on Mersea Island next week, I’m going to do another batch.  Next time though, I’ll use the petroleum jelly topping…

Recipe is here if you fancy trying this.  It’s good and I am very proud on Vincent’s behalf of my first prize in the Marmalade category.

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