I was single for 8 years (with some little hiccups along the way) so I do know what it’s like when Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and you haven’t got a significant other.  But this year, as last, I do have a lovely Valentine and I’m very happy about that.  So tonight I made some heart shaped Vincent Price shortbread to give to my loved one, to my loved one’s family who I am seeing on Saturday, and my work chums who I also love.  The recipe is in this post…


Are you feeling sick?  Sorry about that.  I’m full of love for the universe at the moment.  Probably because it’s STILL my Annual Spinster Day and therefore I’ve been very self indulgent all day long.  I’ve spent a couple of hours de-cluttering my jewellery using the Konmari method so the top of my chest of drawers looked like this early this morning:


aaaaaaaaarg!  I thought those tins were empty, but no!!!!


after a couple of hours of concentrated untangling, throwing away and organising, it looks like this now…


Pretty good eh?  I got rid of 52 items (counting pairs of earrings as 1), most are going to my Goddaughter in case she likes them, the rest are in the bin (these were tarnished/water damaged or just rubbish).  Feels GOOD!

Other things I did on my annual spinster’s day?  I went to the library and had a mooch around, remembering how much I used to like listening to “talking books” and making a mental note to start USING my library before they take it away from me.

I also bought a “small chips unwrapped” from my local chip shop and ate them at the bus stop between there and my flat.  Ha ha!  This just felt like SUCH a perfect thing to do on annual spinster’s day.  I’ve been living in my much cherished Palace of Solitude for about 5 years I think, and I’ve never been to my local chippie.  So now I can testify.  The chips at the Sea Fresh chip shop on Colney Hatch Lane are good.

sea fresh

I watched a couple of Columbo episodes too. and listened to the Ye Nuns album** on my kitchen record player very loud whilst washing up and cooking.  It’s been a perfect day of solitude.  I feel refreshed and happy.  I think everyone should do this once a year.  Don’t do what you think you SHOULD be doing, just do what you WANT to do…  It’s hard to get into that mindset but boy-oh-boy, good when you do.

It made me laugh a lot when I found this in my handbag, taken last night at BAFTA – I’d forgotten all about it!


I’m asking Marilyn what she likes to cook.  She’s not giving much away… 


** –  just found out that best girl band EVER Ye Nuns will be playing a few songs live on 6Music on Monday…  This Monday coming…  They say…

“We’re playing a few songs for Marc Riley on his show this Monday. Tune in if you can… Listen via digital radio or online here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00c72y1″

I will be tuning in for sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day my lovelies.  If you are reading this, I love you!  Even if you haven’t got a significant other, enjoy it.  Treat yourself to an annual spinster’s or bachelor’s day on Saturday…..

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