I have been craving Steak Au Poivre ever since I had a conversation with my personal trainer Nige about it. Yes!  I have a personal trainer, and it is bloody brilliant.  The best thing about it is that after seeing Nige for a couple of months, I can actually do all the moves in Angie Pontani’s Cave Man go-go routine.  Even the WATUSI!

This would definitely not have been possible BN (Before Nige).  Now all I need is the outfit.  I have promised Mr Rathbone a go-go routine for his birthday.  I am practising almost daily.

Vincent’s steak was absolutely delicious.  I got myself a 28-day aged fillet steak from the Co-op in Archway.

I have mentioned before that if I can’t get myself to a proper butcher, then for steak, I rate the Co-op. Old fashioned of me I know, and they no longer ask for your Divi number, but I do like their steak.

I cooked my steak exactly to Vincent’s specifications, dividing the amount of peppercorns by 4 as I was dining alone, but I only divided the wine and brandy by 2 because I wanted some juicy boozy stuff to pour over my veggies.  This was a good idea.  My dinner was really, really good.

I do love, as Kinky Friedman would put it, a nice hairy steak now and then.  I garnished mine with watercress as Vincent recommended.

Here’s the full recipe for four.

Thanks, Vincent!  I see my lovely chum Peter Fuller, over at the Vincent Price Legacy UK loves this recipe too!  I can see that this one will be going in the Co*Star book we are working on together, for sure!

We’ll be looking for test cooks for this project in the New Year sometime, so do get in touch if you fancy cooking up something recommended by Vincent or one of his co-stars.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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