Happy Birthday Palace of Solitude and Happy Birthday Vincent Price!  This weekend marks the first anniversary of my move to Silver Screen Suppers Towers and the start of the Vincentennial.  The 100th anniversary of Vincent Price’s birth was on Friday and last night I threw a big party to celebrate both of these things, plus the start of my new project.  To pay tribute to the cookery writing of Vincent Price I’m going to attempt to make one Vincent Price dish per week and I’ll be writing about it here – Vincetennial Cookblog.

Last night on the menu were 6 party dishes all from Vincent’s “Cooking Price-Wise” book, this accompanied his genius cookery series that appeared on British TV in the 1970s.  We had:

Cucumber Crocodile

Melon Monster

Decorated Tuna Fish

Summertime Flan

Cheesed Party Eggs

Cheese Board Chess Board

Creole Potato Salad

It was all yummy and quite frankly, MAD.  The melon monster was biggest hit.  There are some photos of the craziness up on the flickr site.  The chessboard really made me laugh and we had fun making pawns, rooks and bishops from squares of cheese, cocktail onions dyed red, yellow and green and assorted bits of lettuce and cupcake cases…  There is a short film showing the splendour of the buffet here:

Vincentennial Party

It was SO MUCH FUN celebrating with friends who gave up their time to carry all my crap up four flights of stairs exactly one year ago and I am feeling so contented with life in my own place.  This year has been so good for my peace of mind, my cooking and my writing.  Several “new year” resolutions have been made for Y2POS mostly involving booze, men and health.  I am really going to try and stick to them this year.  Although the most important one (no drinking alone) will be very tricky as I just looked in the bath and there are 10 cans of beer and an almost full bottle of vodka left over from last night….

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