I had an intriguing conversation with a friend of the Chaw-Bacon in a telephone box in the rain yesterday afternoon. Apparently the friend has had a “big falling out” with the CB because of his, “appalling misogynistic attitudes” and “blind spot when it comes to women”. Hm, interesting. As I used the STAR’s big wooden spoon to stir my corned beef hash I contemplated the effect the friend’s stirring was having on my psychological well-being.

Methinks that three weeks on the other side of the world will help get some of this teenage tittle tattle into perspective. As I listened to the latest batch of 78s the CB kindly gave me I tried not to read too much into the titles. Songs such as, “When the Love Bird Leaves the Nest”, “There’s Everything Nice About You” and “What Have I Done”? could have contributed to an emotional swing to feeling sorry for him. Instead I decided to settle down in front of the tele with a big plate of grub and a large glass of wine and forget about it.

I love corned beef hash and soon I will do Bette Davis’ version which has beetroot in it!

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