There are some things Covid-19 cannot wreck, and one of those is the Pieathalon. I thank all the stars in heaven for that. We Pieathaletes will continue to make mental pies. No matter what. Every year. Forever.

I was thrilled to get my recipe because it contained stuff I have never heard of. I am a Brit and phrases such as “Pie Crust Sticks” and “Pillsbury Fluffy White Frosting Mix” put me in mind of another time and another place. A beautiful one where all a woman had to worry about was how much water to add to all of the multifarious packet foods she had in her pantry.

If this pandemic has taught me one thing, it is that simple pleasures are the best pleasures. Plus, you have to treat yourself nicely right? So I made a DINKY Party Pink Pie, just for me myself and it was stupidly fun. Here’s the recipe, with suitably lurid food photography…

Doesn’t that look GORGEOUS?!

Here’s the book cover…

There’s a tip for newlyweds like me there on the inside pages…

And look, here’s a homemaker enjoying simple pleasures in pre-Covid days. Blissful childcare, the serene hanging of paintings, joyful cleaning of lampshades and the smug satisfaction of getting a roast in the oven. In eveningwear the perfect wife is rewarded with a back massage from her ever-loving husband who is just home from a rewarding day at the office. Now that was a GOOD DAY.

It was also a GOOD DAY the day I made my pie. How can you not have a little laugh inside when you sit down to an individual Pink Party Pie after a frenzied day of homemaking?

PIE NOTES – I added 1/4 cup of desiccated coconut to my usual shortcrust pastry for the base. I used cherries in kirsch because I couldn’t find cherry pie filling anywhere (although I remember it well from the 1970s) and Betty Crocker Butter Icing for the fluffy white icing mix – I know they are different but I WANNA LIVE IN AMERICA WHERE YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT.

How did it taste? Let’s just say that as I rarely eat anything sweet (being a crisps rather than chocolate kind of woman) I fully expect to be awake for 72 hours at least.

I will leave you with a little bit of fabulousness. I’ve had this in my head ever since this Party Pink Pie recipe hit my inbox and I want to give a huge thanks to Yinzerella of Dinner is Served 1972 for creating the Pieathalon and not letting it drop during this ongoing mayhem and to the lovely Greg of Recipes for Rebels who chose this recipe. Both of these things cheered me up no end..

Think pink my friends, think pink.

Long may people all over the world who have never met each other in person continue to amuse themselves and others with stuff like the Pieathalon. This is the best kind of thing to help get us through it all. Here are many other pie experiments that took place all around the world this week for your delight and delectation. I will add them in as they come through during the day.

Think Pink and Eat Pie!


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