Oh what a weekend!  A fantastic night out with Nazimova, Marijana, Sasha, Jasminka and many folk I haven’t seen for a long while jumping up and down to the Penny Black Remedy – man they ROCKED!  And to the other extreme, a photo shoot with three clasically trained musicians I’ll be performing with in the Palm Court of the Ally Pally on 27th February.  They play 1920s jazz on original twenties instruments – including the most amazing saxophone I have ever seen – and as you can imagine I’ve seen a lot of saxophones (!)

On top of all of that I spent most of today in bed with the heated blanket on teaching myself how to use i-movie (sign up to the newsletter for my first ever cooking demo – wow I am goofy) AND I had a date.  Rendezvous number 5 with Mr PH was just lovely.  He’d invited me round to watch “20,000 Streets Under the Sky” which is the thing that got us together really.  I left my freezing cold flat with a bunch of Williams Vastroukis and some cocktail cherries for the “Gin and Its” and it was a joyful moment when I stepped into his lounge to find a REAL FIRE ablaze.  Oh how gorgeous.

The adaptation of Mr Hamilton’s master work was absolutely superb.  Couldn’t be faulted.  Mr PH produced some sushi out of nowhere which was just delicious, and we downed many few cocktails and talked about all manner of subjects.  He escorted me to the bus stop as usual (no falling over this time) and I was home by just gone twelve.  Perfect.  Just like a date in the 1930s would have been I imagine!

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