Yippeee it is the favourite day of all food bloggers everywhere.  Pieathalon Day!

It’s the 9th year of this bonkers escapade where a bunch of us send weird and wonderful pie recipes to Yinzerella of Dinner is Served 1972 and she dishes them out for each of us to make.  Naturally, I always send out movie star recipes, but I get to make NON-star-spangled pies each year and I love it.

I was super-excited when I received my pie recipe, contributed by a food blogger from Australia who I have actually met in person – the wonderful Taryn from Retro Food for Modern Times.

This is Battenburgbelle, me and Taryn in 2017.  We’d been trying to smash a coconut open with a meat cleaver for Vincent Price’s Tropical Chicken.

No need for a meat cleaver for the Hamburger Pie though.

It’s a pie designed JUST FOR SAGITTARIUS FOLK it seems.  The recipe was from this groovy-looking number.

As luck would have it, I am one.  Everything they say about me is true…

Would I have been able to eat it if I was Pisces or Scorpio?  I don’t know.  It was certainly weird enough for a Sagittarian who regularly eats bizarre foodstuffs in the name of experiential research. I enjoyed seeing this pie come out of the oven with the meaty bit all puffed up but was a bit alarmed by the ring of MELTED FAT that was around the edge like a fat-moat.

But I poured that off and the resulting drained fat-moat area was perfect for the mushroom decoration.

Did this Sagittarian enjoy it?  YES.  Would I have served it to another Sagittarian?  Maybe.  To a person of the Pisces, Libra, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo or Aries sections of the astrological chart?  No.  I don’t think they would like it. For Sagittarians only.

Thank you Taryn for submitting this pie, and sending the breakdown of the Sagittarian’s qualities from the book.  I have to say that the bit about what the Sagittarian likes to cook and eat was accurate.  Uncannily so…

So true about the “outsize hot-pot containing everything under the sun”.  I’m thinking here about the gazillions of times I have made Phyllis Diller’s Garbage Soup.

I was heartily pleased that “someone” left the freezer door open a few weeks ago after a very drunken dinner party with Gary & Akiko as I had room to freeze the rest of the Hamburger Pie in little singleton portions.  I was genuinely ASHAMED of the state my freezer was in, but at least there is now room for pie. Winter is coming and I know I’ll get a little frisson of excitement when I pull out a piece for a Sagittarian dinner sometime.

I was compelled by this Pieathalon challenge to get out a little horoscope related cocktail book that I’ve had for so long I cannot remember where I got it from.

I was quite happy with the cocktail that is “on target for Sagitarrians” – the Rob Roy – Scotch, sweet vermouth and angostura bitters – yes please.

When I showed it to Mr Rathbone his reaction to the suggestion that “his” drink would be a Daiquiri his initial reaction was “Oh dear, no!” he then continued, “Capricorns? DAIQUIRI?  Do they KNOW us?!”

I’m not sure how much I believe in the star signs but I do know this.  My mum and dad had a long and happy marriage and they were a Saggitarian-Capricorn combination and myself, and my beloved Mr Rathbone are too.  Perhaps there is something in it?

My choice for the Pieathalon was a Yul Brynner Walnut Pie from the BRILLIANT Yul Brynner Cookbook.

Can’t wait to see the blog post about that one!  As the posts are published I will link to them below.  Get yourselves a piece of pie and have a little blog tour xx

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Kari of The Nostalgic Cook – Ham Tongue Pie

Poppy Crocker of Grannie Pantries – Apricot Mallow Pie

Camilla of Culinary Adventures with Camilla – Chocolate Angel Pie

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