Another winner from Yul Brynner!

I had some asparagus going rubbery in my fridge and, determined to use it up, I had it for my tea last night with not much else apart from a little salad.  It was lovely.  I was going to put a fried egg on top but forgot.  No matter, this might be one of my go-to side dishes when I’m having folks round for dinner, a super easy one to prepare ahead.

This is easy to do, an unusual way of serving asparagus and super tasty.  I followed Yul’s instructions, using truffle oil because I am fancy like that and I love it.  Also, I  blanched then griddled the asparagus to give them some extra oomph.  The sesame seeds were toasted.  This recipe was ace.

Oh, the asparagus were left over from my Muswell Hill and District Horticultural Society Spring Show escapades.  I entered five cookery classes and won the cup – whoop whoop!

My asparagus tart got first prize!

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