Ooh, I meant to pop this one up on June 24th which was National Pralines Day in the US, but forgot!  So here’s a link to my June column for the lovely Eat Drink Films…


It’s all about the fabulous ZaSu Pitts and her brilliant book Candy Hits.

candy hits

I first heard about this book waaaaaay back in 2001 when I was lucky enough to be a speaker at the Women in Silent Cinema Conference in Santa Cruz.  Wow, those were the days!  I think it might have been Shelley Stamp who spoke about ZaSu in one of the sessions and brought with her some home made candies made to a recipe in this book.

That was probably the little seed that was planted that grew into the madness that is Silver Screen Suppers…

If you aren’t a subscriber to Eat Drink Films I encourage you to go over and join their mailing list.  They have so many wonderful contributors and they pay them too.  Very rare in these days of the inter-web!

zasu pitts

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