“Macho does not prove mucho.”

I am insanely happy after finally moving into a room of my own in the Stowe. After two and a half years of being of no fixed abode I am at last installed in a fabulous 3 bed house with two housemates. It’s like a sorority house in there – delta, delta, delta.

To inaugurate our new lives of fun and plenty I made Zsa Zsa’s Hungarian Chicken on our first night in the house and it was devoured around the dining room table by the three of us and our handsome helpers. The dumplings were a bit weird but all in all it was pretty tasty.

On our first morning we sat in the garden with a massive plateful of Gary Cooper Griddle Cakes with what Ginger pronounced “the dog’s of all maple syrup” – Aunt Jemima’s.

It is going to be a great life!

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