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Greetings!  I send out two monthly missives.

I run a monthly online supper and movie club called Dinner and a Movie over on Substack – you’ll be invited to cook up a movie star recipe in your own kitchen in your own sweet time and then settle down on your sofa to watch the film.

Everyone is welcome whether you are an film expert or a total newbie.  Experienced cooks and duffers in the kitchen all welcomed with open arms!

Come and join us…

I also send out monthly Murder, She Wrote episode guides with companion recipes.  This is effectively a serialisation of the Murder, She Cooked book. Without the test cook verdicts but with screen grabs!

If you prefer, I can add you manually to either, or both of these monthly lists.  Just get in touch via my contact form

Links to my books. Please remember to switch to the appropriate Amazon/Blurb page if you are not in the UK in order to see correct postage costs!
If you prefer not to buy from Amazon, all are available to order from bookshops apart from Cooking With Joan Crawford – but a new, more affordable version of this book is coming soon…

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