Movie Medicine

I am working on a new book proposal…

This idea has been floating around in my mind since 2010.  My goodness, that feels like a lifetime ago.

Planets are aligning and the universe keeps sending signals that I should get on with this book so I am launching a medical trial.  Everyone welcome to participate.  Just let me know via the Contact Page about your own movie medicine.

Do you have a favourite movie that always cheers you up?  Has a conundrum in your life been clarified by watching a classic?  If you need a good old crying jag is there a flick that will always bring forth the eye water?  I am all ears.  Here are a few examples of Dr. Celluloid’s current curatives.

Someone you live with getting on your nerves?  Prescription – The Odd Couple

Given up on finding romance?  Prescription – Moonstruck

Lusting After Forbidden Fruit?  Prescription – Black Narcissus

Sibling Rivalry?   Prescription – Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Tired of Flat Sharing?  Prescription – Single White Female
Feeling the winter blues?  Prescription – Paradise Hawaiian Style
Oh Elvis, you dreamboat!  I might just have to watch that one yet again, for research purposes!
Please do let me know your favourite medicinal movie, or movies.  I have a huge watchlist but always keen to add more…

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