Robert Mitchum’s Chili Wonder

This month’s column over at the fabulous Eat Drink Films is about Robert’s Chili.  To say Mitchum was a chili head is an understatement.  Read all about it and get his recipe here

I’m not sure who I fancy more at the moment.  Mitchum:


or Gable?


Dunno.  But what I do know is that Mitchum’s chili is good. 

There’s another Mitchum recipe that I’m trying to get my hands on so if anyone out there has a copy of this I would love to see it.  I found it here and am trying to get in touch with The Dutchman to get the original.  I am a bit OCDC about getting right back to the original.  Does anyone have this recipe in their collection? 

Of course, the reason I want to try this version of Mitch’s chili is because it has BEER in it.  So I want to give it a go with the family brew…


In other news, I see from Mr R’s stash of Guardian magazines that yellow velvet chairs are going UP in the grooviness stakes.  At last I am ON TREND.

rsz_img_9396But, of course, Ringo knew this already…


2 Responses to Robert Mitchum’s Chili Wonder

  1. Maureen 25 Oct, 2014 at 1:22 am #

    I am currently in the throes of a Mitchum obsession! It started with a Dick Cavett interview with him I saw on Turner Classic Movie channel, and has spiraled from there. I read his biography, “Baby, I Don’t Care” and have DVR’d every movie I can find of his on TV. He is the epitome of sexy to me!

    Ummm…maybe I should check out the chili recipe 😉

    • Jenny 25 Oct, 2014 at 7:05 am #

      OOOh, that autobiography goes STRAIGHT on my Christmas list. He’s an absolute hunk isn’t he?

      Do try the chili – it’s really good. I actually found two other Mitchum recipes yesterday on the internet – he was quite the cook I think.

      Are you in Alaska? Wow! I never imagined someone in Alaska would read my blog…

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