Ah, Alfred Hitchcock, King of Suspense and King of Quiche.  This was obviously a favourite as he supplied a quiche recipe to two different recipe books.  I must compare both recipes.

Had a wonderful day on Saturday with lots of my old chums from the Walthamstow days.  We sat out Ginger’s garden and scoffed the quiche then had a stroll down to the Cliffs Pavilion for a beer.  It was a beautiful sunny day and it felt great to be in the company of people I am so, so fond of.  We vowed to make it a more regular event.  Definitely.

Hitch’s quiche was very good and there is a picture of it, half eaten, here. Actually, don’t tell Vincent Price but I thought Hitch’s method was better (no mucking around with baking beans) although maybe the flavour of Vincent’s was better (more salt I think).  Maybe I can make a hybrid…

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